Wooden Nixie Tube Clock With 4 Digits

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Product Description


This Nixie clock was assembled using Soviet IN-16 tubes. These tubes are vintage, they were made in the 1980s, but were not used. Their factory warranty is 5000 hours of operation, but thanks to the protection of the Cathode from poisoning, realized in our clock, the tubes can work for several decades. The original case was made of oak and covered with wood stain, patina and high-quality polyurethane varnish.

– Time format: 12/24 time display
– Indication: hours, minutes
– Lithium battery backup. Keeps time during any power outages
– Flip over effect (“slot machine”) to avoid Cathode poisoning
– Pendulum effect – running light on dividing points (see this effect on video: Please note: this effect does not turn off
– Simple time setting using two buttons
– Power adapter with EU, UK or US plug is included
– The clock accepts 110V and 220V in both frequencies, 50Hz and 60Hz

Clock Care: You can use a dry cloth to clean your clock.

Product Dimensions:

Length: 150 mm (5,9″)
Width: 50 mm (2,0″)
Height: 80 mm (3,2″)

Weight: 180 g (0.4 pounds)


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